Bold Beautiful Borderline

How We Explain BPD to Non-BPD Folx

October 31, 2021 Sara Amundson & Laurie Edmundson Episode 43
Bold Beautiful Borderline
How We Explain BPD to Non-BPD Folx
Show Notes

In today's episode, Sara and Laurie answer a question from a Patreon subscriber: 

"I am having an extremely hard time explaining to my family members how hard BPD is to live with on a daily basis. I would love an episode on how to explain how it feels on the inside to be us. They all think I’m using BPD as an excuse for my emotions, but my emotions are so elevated because I have BPD. I feel like my family does not want to understand me and it hurts so bad. "

This is such a COMMON feeling we hear from our friends with BPD so we decided to offer a bit of our insight about what it really feels like. Drug references, school report card season, all of the above... ENJOY!

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