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WTF is a favorite person?! (Feat. JJ Jinx)

October 09, 2023 Sara Amundson & Laurie Edmundson
Bold Beautiful Borderline
WTF is a favorite person?! (Feat. JJ Jinx)
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Show Notes

Hey ya'll!

Today JJ Jinx talks with us about her experience and the experience of many other people she collected qualitative data from regarding what an FP (favorite person) is from a borderline perspective. We talk about how it helps us cope and how it may not help us cope. JJ offered tons of insight as a person with BPD who relates heavily to the FP symptom as well as offers beautiful direct quotes from people who have had FPs and people who have been FPs. Thank you JJ Jinx for sharing your experience on the pod!
 General information on FPs:

2022 peer-reviewed, scientific data on FPs:
I want to note that this research discusses how having a FP can be very destructive and this may be triggering to some of us with BPD. I also want to note that, even when it's hard, understanding our symptoms and their positive AND negative effects helps us grow and find recovery from our symptoms. 

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