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Seroquel/Quetiapine Withdrawal

November 19, 2023 Sara Amundson & Laurie Edmundson
Bold Beautiful Borderline
Seroquel/Quetiapine Withdrawal
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Show Notes

For almost 11 years, Laurie was taking Seroquel/Quetiapine. It got her though a lot - and was the first mental health medication she found really "worked" for her.  After a lot of thought, side effects, and conversations with her doctor - Laurie decided to try and taper of of the medication slowly. 

Our Patreon supporters will remember this time well as Laurie shared a series of bonus episodes throughout the taper and subsequent withdrawal. Without going into as much detail as the patreon diary style episodes, Laurie wanted to chat with someone who knew the science of medications better than she did. 

In this episode, Carly (from our The Borderline Doctor) episode shares some insights with Laurie about how Seroquel works, why she was likely experiencing some withdrawal symptoms, and how we can better our sleep with or without sleep-aids. 

Carly (@daturadxm) is a life coach and works in the alternative healthcare space. Into her work, she brings the medical education she received in school before she was dismissed from her program after taking a mental health leave. She is now fighting back against the stigma against borderline personality disorder in education which forced her out of medical school.

While we say it many times during the episode - CARLY IS NOT A DOCTOR and THIS EPISODE IS NOT MEDICAL ADVISE.  This is simply a conversation between two people who have taken this medication, one who has a much better understanding of how it works from a scientific perspective than the other. ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER WHEN CHANGING MEDICATIONS. 

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