Bold Beautiful Borderline

A Borderline Doctor (feat. Carly)

November 05, 2023 Sara Amundson & Laurie Edmundson
Bold Beautiful Borderline
A Borderline Doctor (feat. Carly)
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Show Notes

Carly (@daturadxm) is a life coach and works in the alternative healthcare space. Into her work, she brings the medical education she received in school before she was dismissed from her program after taking a mental health leave. She is now fighting back against the stigma against borderline personality disorder in education which forced her out of medical school.

Carly discusses the impacts of psychedelics in her life and the life of her clients, particularly the impact of dextromethorphan.  

You can find out more about Carly and her work at:

Just a quick note: 

When Laurie refers to traditional medicine she means thinks like Indigenous, plant medicine and traditional Chinese medicine for example. Whereas when Carly discusses traditional medicine she means western medicine that we are all familiar with. Sorry for the confusion on that front! 

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