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Mental Illness and Your Business (feat. Angela)

July 09, 2023 Sara Amundson & Laurie Edmundson
Bold Beautiful Borderline
Mental Illness and Your Business (feat. Angela)
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Show Notes

One of the things I fundamentally believe about people with BPD is that we have the ability to create and imagine in ways that most people don't have. This makes us superrrrr creative where business is concerned - although being self-employed as a person with BPD and mental illness as a whole is much harder. 

Today Sara talks with Angela Morris, a person who lives with a variety of mental health conditions, and has built her business as a digital marketing strategist, feminist copywriter, and social media coach around how to support people to build their business without burning out. 

We talk about the impact of mental health on our careers and how to build businesses that work WITH us instead of against us. 

Angela can be found at the following: 

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